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August 18, 2013
Hey everyone I started a indiegogo project. It's to help to get better equipment to improve the productivity of Nightmira. I would be grateful if you can donate or help spread the word of the indiegogo project. IndieGoGo

August 3, 2013
A very simple question.
Want Nightmira's pages to be colored free polls 
Reason I ask is because I hate to color anything so I thought I'll give it a Manga look since it's already drawn like one, but I just your feedback before I do anything.

June 19, 2013
Nightmira has a facebook page now. For updates and news.

June 18, 2013
It’s close to the end of the chapter and I wanted to ask you all. Do you want me to post the whole chapter all at once so you can read all at once or post a page once a day like I usual do?
Want me to post all the chapter pages all at once free polls 

May 13, 2013
As the picture says, both Nightmira and Magical Girl Alice will be back at May 27. Going to use the time to practice on drawing the new Style for Alice and prepare some Pages for Nightmira. However I’m going to practice is by starting a Fan Comic. The first page of it will be posted on Wednesday and you can find it on my Deviant art page[Link] . It isn’t going to be serious. So once May 27 comes along, it might just stop altogether.

During the time, support the Webcomics by ordering a Commission here. [Link]

May 6, 2013
Sorry, for the lack of pages this week. I’ve been busy.

I also want to tell you all that I’ve just started taking commissions. If you wish for me to draw a character for, commission here. [Link] A little hint, if you are watching me on deviantart. I might give you a free commission of your choice.

April 2, 2013
A little heads up. I will keep the April Fool pages up until Wednesday when I post the actually pages.

January 1, 2013
Happy New Year’s everyone.

December 4
That is it for Nightmira until January 7. There will be comedy comic strips of Nightmira posted every Thursday and Friday for December.

November 5
Alright, Nightmira #3 has started and a page will be posted as usual. There are a few things I really need to update. One of them is the cast page; it's only Nightmira at the moment. Just need to create the portraits of the characters. For now, please enjoy what I have to offer.

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